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In the wake of the COVID-19 epidemic, there is an ever-present need for employees to work from home in order to slow down the spread of this virus as much as possible. Working from home is not a new concept; many businesses are already familiar with the technology to do it, such as VPN and Remote Desktop Connection. However, in terms of security, these options fall short of providing the necessary protection from the malicious programs and Cyber attacks that are still just as present as they were before the COVID-19 epidemic began. Certainly for a business to rely on these existing technologies, it would be putting much of their data at risk in an already risky climate. Every good telecommuter needs a system that provides a secure connection to their businesses' network without jeopardizing their own privacy on their personal computer. Whether its just one or two quarantined employees, or a companywide shift to working from home, these risks need to be mitigated, and we must not let the virus distract us from properly securing what we have. 


After careful analysis, we at Dont Sweat IT have crafted an effective and affordable solution for our clients to work from home safely and securely. You can avoid the dangers of VPNs or poking holes in the Firewall, while at the same time sharing a great multi-monitor user experience.


We offer this service in two tiers: Basic and Premium.


With our Basic Tier for just $10 per computer per month, our secure connection creates an ad-hoc individual tunnel between each remote computer and the home computer. 


Our Premium Tier, for $20 per computer per month, provides an additional layer called Cyber 2.0, which uses Chaos Theory to scramble the port numbers of all of the computers in the network, completely preventing the lateral spread of malicious programs. 

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