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Business Continuity 

Business Continuity has two components: Backup and Disaster Recovery. Backup, in its most basic form, is when data exists in at least two places at the same time, and you have the ability to revert to a particular piece of data at specific point in the past. Disaster recovery on the other hand, is the ability to quickly get your business operational, even in a major disaster. This is done by having a fail-over environment, always ready to pick up the load the your production environment. 

Reliable backup and disaster recovery is also an important tool in the fight against ransomware, which is today the most dangerous and frequent malicious attack extorting businesses small and large. We offer a wide variety of backup, such as image backup of the operating system, as well as file backup, so that if the worst case scenario happens, your peace-of-mind can be restored just as quickly as your data. In addition, Dont Sweat IT Solutions combines Backup and Disaster Recovery services along with high quality monitoring and remediation service. When disaster strikes, whether it’s a crashed or stolen server, or perhaps a virus that wipes away your data, an onsite fail safe environment can effectively remediate the situation, allowing your business to keep running with little interruption. That fail-safe can also be in the cloud as well as onsite, which permits relatively little interruption even in the event you have to temporarily relocate the entire operation. 

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