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Endpoint Protection-


Powered by artificial intelligence, our Endpoint Protection thoroughly and comprehensively detects know and unknown malware without relying on signatures-based detection alone, delivering unmatched protection and giving you the edge in the fight against malware and ransomware. It allows you to automatically detect and prioritize potential threats, quickly see where to focus attention, and know which machines may be impacted. 

In virtually all networks, current Cybersecurity measures are designed to first detect every malicious software in order to prevent its spread within the network. Israeli firm Cyber 2.0’s patented software is installed on every local area network source and destination, closing the door to all unauthorized programs. It uses an autonomous agent-based software managed by it's own management server to block unauthorized network traffic. Using a combination of a smart White List coupled with effective Chaos-based port scrambling communication, it only allows authorized programs to create lateral movement inside the organizational network, eliminating the need for communication with any outside server, securing your network using an extremely sensitive algorithm based on mathematical Chaos Theory with constantly changing variables that prevent any kind of spread of malicious programs. Dont Sweat IT is a proud US representative of Cyber 2.0.

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MSSP (Managed Security Service Provider)-

No matter what level of Cybersecurity or Backup your business has, it’s not completely secure unless those Backup and Cybersecurity measures are consistently monitored. Our Managed Security Service does exactly that, ensuring that your business’s future is safe 24/7. 


There are two types of monitoring: Automatic and Manual. All devices, servers, workstations, backup software, and Cybersecurity software such as antivirus all report to a Network Operation Center (NOC) and Security Operation Center (SOC) where the reported data is then automatically analyzed and, if necessary, alerts are generated. In the vast majority of cases, an automatic remediation process takes over. For the alerts that require human intervention, our NOC and SOC, staffed 24X7 to constantly monitor the entire operation, intervenes or remediates it themselves, or alerts the client and onsite technicians if necessary.  




Knowledge is power, and with our Next-Gen Firewall you will have unprecedented visibility into malicious behavior across your entire, network, users, and applications. Set up in a cloud-contrived, centralized system, you will receive automatic remediations and live alerts that we also receive and act upon if necessary. In short: Firewall that keeps you in the loop. 


Our Firewall’s visibility allows you to be able to observe your entire network traffic, letting you make decisions while seeing the big picture, such as using its App Identification to accelerate the applications you want and control the ones you don’t want, or identifying threats and stopping them instantly. 


Our Firewall protects against the latest advanced threats such as ransomware, crypto-mining, bots, worms, hacks, breaches, and APTs. It’s industry leading IPS (Intrusion Prevention System) offers high-performance protection against the latest network exploits. It also uses the latest sandblasting technology by analyzing suspicious files in a safe cloud environment so it can be sure that anything introduced to the network is free of malicious programs. 

Spam Control-

With millions of ever sophisticated viruses and nefarious programs sent out by email every minute, having a proper spam blocker to filter out dangerous emails is an essential part of your Cyber security strategy. Our Spam blocker uses mulitple levels of filtering to scrub you inbox clean before it even hits your server, even if your server is G-suite or Office 365. This filter will also scan outgoing emails to make sure your employees aren’t sending anything malicious themselves. Furthermore, for any suspicious emails that lack a known malicious signature in a closed environment before they are introduced to your inbox we use Sandbox-type technology to test it, minimizing the risk even further.

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