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Managed IT Services

24/7 Monitoring and maintenance-

Our monitoring system, with an agent on every computer, monitors all the computers 24/7, alerting and creating tickets for any issue that may come up in the servers or computers. We also periodically maintain computers and update the operating system, applications, and maintain hard drive and memory cleanup. 

Remote Onsite Helpdesk-

Based in Canada, our help-desk engineers and technicians are ready on the phone to help personally resolve any issues that may arise, and when necessary we have technicians that come onsite to fix the system. All of our engineers have immediate access to our IT management resources, making them even more efficient. 


Complying with various government and industry regulations that prove your business’s competence can be a lifesaving measure for your business in the event of a disaster or lawsuit. These services are an essential part of all the regulations (HIPAA, PCI, ECPA, CFAA…) regarding electronic data and privacy. Even insurance companies today require these services in order to be able to insure you. At Dont Sweat IT, we are committed to providing you the tools to run your operation in the safest and most compliant manner available.

IT Management-

IT Management refers to changes such as users, passwords, domain names, keeping a tab on network speeds, and keeping up with the applications that the clients use. We have a comprehensive database that stores all the clients’ technical network information, which is readily available to the technicians on demand. We keep an inventory of the IT infrastructure that gets updated with every change. 

NOC Services-

All devices, servers, and workstations report to a Network Operation Center (NOC) where the reported data is subsequently analyzed and, if necessary, alerts are generated. In the vast majority of cases, an automatic remediation process takes over. For the alerts that require human intervention, our NOC (Network Operation Center) facility, staffed with high level engineers and technicians, utilize our monitoring system to respond and remediate any issue that comes up.  

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