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Network and Endpoint Security

Ensure robust cybersecurity with advanced technologies like Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR) and Network Firewalls. Key services include Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA), Antivirus, and secure remote teleworking, providing continuous protection.

Benefit from real-time monitoring and 24/7 security support, which enhances compliance and operational efficiency. Regular system and security updates reduce cyber risk, allowing focus on core business operations without interruption. Strengthen cybersecurity measures and protect your business from evolving threats.

  1. Patch Management:

    • Comprehensive Patch Management: Manages and automates the download and installation of patches for Microsoft and third-party software across all devices.

    • Flexible Scheduling and Reboot Control: Allows for flexible scheduling of patch deployments and control over device reboots to minimize disruptions.

    • Enhanced Security: Ensures that all devices are up-to-date with the latest security patches, protecting against vulnerabilities and threats.

  2. Automation and Self-Healing:

    • Automated Scripts and Workflows: Utilizes automated scripts to handle routine security tasks, incident responses, and maintenance activities, reducing manual intervention.

    • Self-Healing Capabilities: Automatically detects and addresses issues, ensuring minimal downtime and continuous protection for network devices.

    • Proactive Maintenance: Schedules and performs proactive maintenance tasks to prevent potential issues and ensure the network runs smoothly.

  3. Network Monitoring and Management:

    • Comprehensive Network Monitoring: Continuously monitors all network devices, including servers, routers, switches, printers, workstations, and laptops, to ensure optimal performance and quick detection of anomalies.

    • Customizable Alerts and Notifications: Provides real-time alerts for network performance issues and anomalies, allowing for timely intervention and resolution.

    • Detailed Network Topology Mapping: Automatically discovers and maps network devices, providing a representation of the network infrastructure and performance.

  4. Computer Threat and Virus Protection:

    • Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR): Utilizes advanced AI-powered threat detection and response to protect against sophisticated cyber threats. SentinelOne's EDR capabilities provide real-time threat intelligence, automated incident response, and forensic investigation, ensuring comprehensive protection for endpoints such as desktops, laptops, and servers.

      1. Automated Threat Detection: Employs AI and machine learning to identify and block threats, including fileless malware, zero-day attacks, and advanced persistent threats. SentinelOne’s solution can isolate, quarantine, and remediate threats automatically, minimizing the risk of data breaches and ensuring quick recovery.

      2. Forensic Investigation Capabilities: Offers detailed analysis and reporting of security incidents, allowing for deep forensic investigations to understand the scope and impact of attacks and to enhance future protection strategies.

    • Traditional Anti-Virus (AV-Defender):

      1. Bitdefender Engine: Utilizes the award-winning Bitdefender engine for comprehensive antivirus and antimalware protection.

      2. Signature-Based and Behavioral Analysis: Combines signature-based detection with behavioral analysis to identify and block both known and emerging threats.

      3. Network Traffic Scans and Content Control: Scans various types of network traffic in real time to protect email and web browsing, and restricts user access to potentially harmful content.

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